Create your academic website, no code required

What is Owlstown?

Owlstown is an online tool that helps you create and maintain an academic website without coding. It is specifically designed for the needs of academics who want to share their academic content online but don’t want the hassle of web development or don’t have the time to learn web design.
The goal of Owlstown is to make you productive. Keep your academic website up-to-date, so people can find what you're currently working on. Save time creating and maintaining your academic website so you can get back to doing research.

How it works

1. Choose a design.

Select from several themes specifically designed for academics. Customize themes with your favorite colors and fonts. Add banners and images to make your pages visually appealing.

2. Add your academic content.

Create and maintain different types of academic content. Owlstown supports publications, projects, people, courses, blog posts, custom pages, contact info, CV, and social links.

3. Share your academic website.

Owlstown hosts your website for your. Updates to your website are immediately available. You don't have to maintain a server or update any software.
Last modified 1yr ago