Owlstown supports adding pictures to your website. These pictures can be used throughout your website as:
  • Part of your content
  • Banners for pages
  • Your profile picture
  • Profile pictures of people
When you see the following user interface in the Owlstown Editor, you can select a picture to use.
Click on the Click to select picture area to open the picture selection dialog. At the beginning, you might not have any pictures to select from. Thus, you need to add pictures to your website.
There are two ways to add pictures to your website.
  • Upload pictures
  • Find pictures from Unsplash

Upload picture

Click on the Upload image button on the top-right corner of the dialog.
When the My Files dialog appears, you have 2 options to upload a picture:
  • Drag and drop a picture file into the dialog.
  • Click on the Browse button. A file dialog will appear where you can select a picture file to upload.
Wait for the picture to be uploaded.
The picture you uploaded will be added to the list of pictures on your website.


Click on the Unsplash button.
Click on the search field and enter a search term. Click on the Search button.
Click on a picture to select it.
Your selected picture will be added to the list of pictures on your website.

Manage pictures

You can see all the pictures on your site on the Pictures page of the Owlstown Editor.
On the Pictures page, you can:
  • Select a picture and see where it is used on your website.
  • Upload pictures and import pictures from Unsplash as described above.
  • Replace pictures.
  • Delete pictures.
Last modified 10mo ago