Owlstown Community is a place where people can easily find the latest pages and blog posts from academic websites made in Owlstown.
Owlstown Community is a feature that lists the latest pages and blog posts from academics websites made in Owlstown. It's one way for academic content from you and fellow Owlstowners to reach a wider audience.
Each listing links to a page and has:
  • The title of the page
  • A snippet of the page's content
  • A picture if available
Currently, Owlstown Community shows the latest updates from Featured Sites, academic websites that exemplify the following criteria of completeness:
  • They have essential info like titles, description and contact info
  • They share some academic content such as publications, projects, etc.
  • They are not spammy or derogatory.
Pages and blog posts shared on Owlstown Community also have to meet a level of completeness. These criteria help prevent spam and ensure that shared pages provide value to readers.
  • They have titles.
  • They have content that is at least 160 characters long.
Last modified 8mo ago
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